Project Overview                    page 1

Name of Project:






?final research paper for the cours

when would that come?  How long?

Subject/Course: Writing Skills Class  Teacher(s): Mr. Haight Grade Level: 9-11
Other Subject Areas to Be Included: * as of now it seems that the ELA standards are broad enough to keep things going forward, but time will tell.
Project Idea

Summary of the issue, challenge, investigation, scenario, or problem:


The crux of this project is to get students to utilize the writing skills that we will have been working on up to this point (i.e. the writing process, Jane Schaefer paragraph forms, etc).  In addition to that, the goal is to have students learn other skills during the research process that will help them in future classes.  This

will include utilizing web tools such as Noodle for bibliographies in MLA format, Edmodo for sharing and critiquing information with the group and Scrumy for

having deadlines.  In addition to that students will need to incorporate proper citations and transition sentences.



….and think about a situation they find themselves in at CMS


Driving Question  


Content Standards to be taught and assessed:

21st Century Skills to be taught and assessed: Collaboration:  By using the tool they will be able to practice critiquing/sharing/editing via the web

Other: Information, media and technology skills.

This is why we will be

 doing all of the edmodo,


Communication (Oral Presentation)

Life and Career skills:  Students  will be focusing on the conept of “leadership and responsibility” by looking at the driving question that focuses on CMS and community service

Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

Major Products & Performances Group:


Presentation Audience

Presentation Audience:

    Class

  School


Individual: Experts

           Project Overview                    page 2

Entry Event to

launch inquiry,
engage students:




Formative Assessments

(During Project)

Quizzes/Tests Practice Presentations
Journal/Learning Log Notes
Preliminary Plans/Outlines/Prototypes Checklists
Rough Drafts

Will use to have students evaluate eachother

Concept Maps
Online Tests/Exams Other:

Scrumy for deadlines

Summative Assessments

(End of Project)

Written Product(s), with rubric:



Other Product(s) or Performance(s), with


Oral Presentation, with rubric Peer Evaluation


Multiple Choice/Short Answer Test Self-Evaluation


Essay Test






Resources Needed On-site people, facilities:
Materials:;;  ?
Community resources:
Reflection Methods

(Individual, Group, and/or Whole Class)

Journal/Learning Log


Focus Group


Whole-Class Discussion


Fishbowl Discussion


Survey Other:


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