Fighting Procrastination: Tips for how to get the ball rolling

Like any spedukator worth their salt, I got this idea from a co-worker friend and ran with it.  Thusly speaking, this is a shout out to Mr. Dave Albert, High School Math teacher at Carol Morgan School, thanks for letting me know about this idea.


           5 10 15
           5 10 15
           5 10 15
           5 10 15
           5 10 15
           5 10 15
           5 10 15




Vick Worksheet 5 10 15
Finish old math HW 5 10 15

Break (social Media)

5 10 15
Organize binder 5 10 15


5 10 15
Work on History notes 5 10 15
  5 10 15


1. Take a look at your agenda, think about your day and figure out the most important things.


2. Put the list of what you have to do in the table, starting at the top with the most important things


3. Don’t forget to add in where you will take breaks (i.e. check phone, surf the web, walk around, etc.)


4. Begin.  Start by doing the top task for 5 minutes.  This could be as simple as getting the materials ready, turning your computer on, reviewing your notes real quick. 


5.  When you have spent 5 minutes on the activity, stop, cross off the “5” in the table and move on to the next activity.


6.  Keep doing this until you feel like the man….or woman.



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