6 Co-teaching Models: Engaging all Learners through Push-in Support

6 Co-Teaching Models in the Inclusive Classroom

The school I work at hosts an annual conference called Live Curious, Go Beyond.  At the time they put a call out for presentation proposals I was doing a lot of the Alternative Teaching co-teaching model with an English teacher and so I thought I would propose a presentation to share these 6 co-teaching best practices as educators increase inclusion.

The presentation ended up being called “Engaging all Learners Through Push-in Support”  Here’s a link to where you can download the handouts and the presentation:  HERE

The premise I put forth is that students need an appropriate challenge when it comes to content and learning activities in their classes. One way to do this is through push-in or co-teaching support from a Learning Support teacher. There are several co-teaching models and this presentation discusses 6 key models, how they look, examples of how to implement, and discussion of how they are being implemented at my school (or more specifically in the 8th grade in English and Math classes).

For the sake of the presentation, and based on my experience, I went with the approach that the terms co-teaching and push-in support are almost synonymous.  In that vein, here is an image of the six push-in models I presented, with the THESIS being:

“If you are only doing One Teach, One Assist, you need to level up and try to implement the other models as much as possible”

This is an image that has all the 6 co-teaching models. ONe teach, one assist; Parallel teaching; team teaching; stations; alternative teaching; one teach, one observe.

Video recording of the 6 Co-teaching models presentation

I recorded the presentation and synced it with the slides for a webinar-type experience.  Here’s the video:

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section. 

Do you have a go-to way that you collab with your co-teacher? 

Do you have any other ways that you work in the push-in that aren’t part of the 6 models?

For further resources check out:

Ready, Set, Coteach:  https://www.readysetcoteach.com/

Cult of Pedagogy article about co-teaching: https://www.cultofpedagogy.com/co-teaching-push-in/


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