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Beckett Haight,  Resource Specialist, Learning Support teacher…Special Educator, is a Californian who has worked in many different schools in California and in many different areas of Special Education as a volunteer, a teacher assistant and a teacher from K to 12.  I…I mean he, has worked with students with Aspbergers, Autism, Down’s Syndrome, Specific Learning Disabilities, Emotional & Behavioral Disorders, ADHD and more.

He has spent the last 9 years working in international schools.  Doing Learning Support and co-teaching in English, Math, and the Sciences in the Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Mexico, all the way to teaching the core subjects in a self-contained high school class in Kuwait, and serving as the Learning Support Coordinator in a school in Bali, Indonesia.

My main professional interests are behavior support, transition, and writing development.  I also like pork and riding my bike.

Education is my cup of tea, education is my life. 

Students with Special Needs painting first mural
Working on a mural to add some learning modalities!

P.S.  Oh yeah.  I also was in special education from grades 6-12 with the label of Emotionally Disturbed (ED).  They said I had ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder).  Other people say that’s how they have sometimes treated minority students they didn’t know how to deal with.  I don’t know.  Maybe it’s because I was taking medication for ADHD from 1st grade to 11th grade?  Either way, I spent part of six grade, seventh grade and eighth grade in a NPS (Non-public special education school).  Then in high school, after a year in juvenile hall and rehab I came back to a regular school and received support from the resource program (RSP).  Long story short, I have been affiliated with special education in one way or another since I was 12 years old.

Check out my special education related teacher website that has a ton of lesson plans, behavior support plans and all types of various resources to help the teacher and parent of students with special needs:


Or find me on Twitter:  @BeckettHaight

Or on the email tip: collectionsofaspecialeducator@gmail.com

You can get a feel for MY STORY in this ADDitude Mag guest blog post

Or check out some of my ed-thoughts in a TEDx talk I gave awhile back:




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