The MVC model

This is an image that illustrates the Model-View-Controller aspect of an iOS application

Edtech 503: Instructional Design Job Description

1) Synthesis job description (you make this up based on real job descriptions you’ve read) At our company you will find the best of the best.  You don’t have to commute nor work.  It’s just peachy over here.  So send us your resume and we will find a place for you and start your 401K … More Edtech 503: Instructional Design Job Description

Tech Plan Presentation

Tech use plan presentation I created a Powerpoint presentation about ways to go about composing a technology plan for a school. In these days it is important for schools to focus on systematic ways to address the technological advancements that are taking place in our society and how we can bring those into the … More Tech Plan Presentation

Summary of a School’s Tech Maturity

School Summary:  Technological Maturity   The school that I am evaluating is a public high school in Los Angeles Unified School District.  The high school has more than 3,500 students and over 99% of them are Latino, mainly Mexican.  Of the remaining there are a handful of whites (4?), blacks (whom could be Latino), and … More Summary of a School’s Tech Maturity

Tech Use Planning Overview

In these days of technological developments that are increasing in an exponential fashion, it is increasingly important for schools to systematically address the role technological can and will take in their schools. Schools cannot solely provide technological gadgets and gizmos and feel they are doing well, schools must have comprehensive plans that begin with organizing … More Tech Use Planning Overview

Game-Based Learning Shows Promise

“Game-based learning” is an educational approach that the Horizon Report 2011 sees as something that will take a deeper hold in the next two to three years.  That means that it is being utilized in educational contexts around the globe, but widespread usage is still to come in the future.  Game-based learning consists of games … More Game-Based Learning Shows Promise