Project Overview                    page 1 Name of Project:       Duration:   ?final research paper for the cours when would that come?  How long? Subject/Course: Writing Skills Class  Teacher(s): Mr. Haight Grade Level: 9-11 Other Subject Areas to Be Included: * as of now it seems that the ELA standards are broad enough to … More

Plagiarism Video

I had a lot of fun with this video. I didn’t realize that such a cool thing was out there ( I thought I would have to draw the characters and learn how to make them move and stuff. This seems like something I could have the students do and have a ton of fun … More Plagiarism Video

Digital Inequality Powerpoint

Stimulating Powerpoint can be seen here: Digital Inequality PPT In light of the concepts of the digital divide and inequality and the National Education Technology Plan 2010 (NETP) guidelines, there are many things that I can now see that my school (and others) are doing that is not helping to alleviate the digital divide … More Digital Inequality Powerpoint