EDTECH 521: Reflections!

This is a link to my reflection Journal:  521-Reflection Journal I chose to add a link to my reflection journal because the formatting for tables in WordPress is not amenable to good design principles.  However, this copy is well designed and ready to be enjoyed.  

Digital Inequality Powerpoint

Stimulating Powerpoint can be seen here: Digital Inequality PPT http://www.authorstream.com/player.swf?p=1093087_634454754346520000&pt=3 In light of the concepts of the digital divide and inequality and the National Education Technology Plan 2010 (NETP) guidelines, there are many things that I can now see that my school (and others) are doing that is not helping to alleviate the digital divide … More Digital Inequality Powerpoint

Elements of Education Technology

  According to Reiser (2001), the field of Education Technology (Edtech) is comprised of five broad components. These components are: Design, development, utilization, management and evaluation. There is argument about these components and their importance in this field, but Reiser (2001) make a compelling argument for why edtech is primarily composed of these categories. It … More Elements of Education Technology